Bangkok, Thailand

Ludo – Chaos Theory

Captation Multi-caméra des performances de l’artiste Ludo à Bangkok dans le cadre de son documentaire ‘ Chaos Theory ».

Le montage , la colorimétrie ont été fait par une autres boite de production

May, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand

Ludo – « Chaos Theory »

Ludo live and work mostly in Paris. Studied art in Milan.

The work of Paris-based Ludo (Ludovic Vernhet) explores a world where biotechnological chimeras offer to merge plants and animals with our technological universe.

Through his work, Ludo aims to reveal the opposites that cohabit our world, often taking unlikely pairings to absurd lengths.

These dualities are reconciled by the artist through the creation of hybrid organisms. Drawn with the precision of botanical illustrations, this new order of hybrid organisms is both elegant and ferocious, simple & sometimes caustic. Butterflies become brass knuckles; carnivorous plants bare rows of hunting-knife teeth; bees hover hidden behind gas masks and goggles; automatic weapons crown the head of sunflowers; human skulls cluster together like grapes.

As a protean figure of contemporary creation, Ludo expresses himself in various media, locations and sizes, including giant murals on the walls of streets worldwide, and gallery and museum exhibitions presenting installations, canvas, drawing, sculpture and photography all with his signature style of black, white and neon green.

In 2017 alone, Ludo has presented a reunion solo show at Paris’ esteemed Magda Danysz gallery, was recognised as a key figure in the landscape of urban art through the creation, exhibition and acquisition of a new sculpture in the permanent collection of the newly established Musée Urban Nation in Berlin, and as a continuation of his “Ephemera” project, created of a new large-scale installation in the middle of Guangzhou, China’s second most populous city, an endeavour supported by the governments of China and France.

Regardless of the medium or technique used, Ludo’s work provokes the enthusiasm of international collectors, galleries and museums worldwide. Of particular note, Ludo has exhibited at the Shanghai Power Station of Art Museum, CAFA Peking & Centre Pompidou Paris.